MaxTrak® 180

MaxTrak® 180 Industrial Mass Flow Controller
Industrial Mass Flow Meters and Controllers
MaxTrak® Model 180 Industrial Instruments with NEMA 6 / IP67 Rating

MaxTrak® is a family of industrial gas mass flow instruments from the company that has been a trusted name in industrial thermal mass flow meters for decades—Sierra Instruments. MaxTrak® will measure and control any clean, dry gas mass flow from 10 to 1000 SLPM, with lower flows and higher flows available upon request.
MaxTrak is available with Dial-A-Gas®,  capability through a remote pilot module or RS-232 computer interface to change flow rate, modify engineering units or re-configure the instrument. With the Pilot Module, the user can set zero, span and full scale for each of 10 different gases independently to accommodate unexpected application or system design changes.

Based upon Sierra’s successful SmartTrak® line of digital instruments, MaxTrak® adds rugged industrial packaging to popular premium features: 

• Dial-A-Gas® multi-gas capability
• 316 stainless steel construction
• 4 types of analog and 2 types of digital communication 
• a wide variety of field adjustable parameters
• compact sizes to measure and control flow rates from 10 to 1000 SLPM (higher upon request)

When added inside the industrial enclosure,  the internal Compod™ programmable control module gives RS-485/MODBUS RTU communications capability to the Model 180.  Compod greatly simplifies basic flow control installations to permit  networking of multiple instruments.

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