IMR 6000

The IMR 6000 is an oxygen / excess air combustion controller to measure, store and control oxygen (O2) in a combustion process.
The analyzer works with all sorts of fuel (liquid fuels, gas and solid fuels) and calculates CO2, combustion efficiency and measures the flue-gas temperature with a seperate thermocouple. 
The IMR 6000 can be installed with new boilers and it also can be easily integrated into existing installations.
The wall mounted enclosure is rated IP65 and the instrument comes equipped with all needed sensors, probes and installation material like flanges.

• Insitu Zirconoxyd sensor to measure O2
• Flue-gas temperature probe (Type K)
• Calculation of combustion efficiency
• Calculation of CO2
• Memory
• RS232 / RS485 port
• Software included
• Analog output for the O2
• Control functions (relay, PI control, trim control)

Specs PDF