IMR 1000

The IMR 1000 is a hand held pocket size stack gas analyzer for combustion tests on boilers, burners, etc..
The IMR 1000-1/IMR 1000-2 have up to two sensors with a 2-line LCD while the IMR 1000-3/IMR 1000-4 have a 4-line LCD with up to 3 sensors

• small, rugged and easy to operate
• up to 3 sensors
• Memory
• Light weight
• Infrared interface for a printer
• Protective boot with integral magnet
• Large backlit, display
• Reliable technology and easy to service

Measured parameters: Calculated parameters:
• Oxygen O2
• Carbon monoxide CO
• Nitric Oxide NO
• Draft/Pressure
• Stack gas temperature
• Combustion efficiency
• Excess Air
• Carbon dioxide CO2
• CO air free (cor. to 0% O2)

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