XRF analyzer "ElvaX"  is a desktop energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence EDXRF analyzer|spectrometer  which does not require liquid nitrogen cooling for storage and use.
ElvaX EDXRF analyzer|spectrometer is used for quantitative and qualitative elemental analysis of metal alloys, liquids, food and biological samples, powder assays, as well as samples deposited on surfaces or filters, in the element range from Cl (Z=17) to U (Z=92) in a wide range of element concentrations.
The accuracy of determining concentrations is better than 0.3% for metal alloys. XRF analyzers detecting limit is better than 1 ppm for most elements in light matrix.
The EDXRF spectrometer|analyzer is registered in the State registry of measurement instruments accepted for usage in Ukraine under the number У141101. Certificate of the measurement instrument type is UAMI/19712001.

Fields of application

• Jewelry
• Metallurgy
• Medical diagnosis
• Ecological monitoring
• Customs and criminalistic expertise
• Archaeological studies
• Chemical industry
• Oil-refining industry
• Geology and mineralogy
• Food industry
• Scientific research
XRF analyzer "ElvaX" - is used for metal analyzing - for quantitative and qualitative analysis of the elemental composition of metal alloys, liquids, food and biological samples...

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