High Speed Digital Indicator
Sample rate 120 readings per second
4 limit setpoints with solid s/h relays
Programmable analog output, 10 VDC or 4-20 MA
5 digit bipolar LED display
Nonlinearity < 0.01%
Front panel shunt calibration
Peak and valley monitoring
Remote and front panel tare
Powers four 350 load cells
Designed for CE compliance

Bipolar 5-digit display with 120 sample/second internal update rate, 2000Hz high bandwidth +/-10v and 4-20mA outputs, front panel shunt calibration and tare, RS232 and digital output setpoints and adjustable digital filter. Packaged in an aluminum 1/8 DIN, panel mountable enclosure with a plug-in AC power cord. Sensor connection via 9-pin connector.

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